A hard cover book is one that has a rigid protective cover. Most of the time, it is covered by a cardboard like material that is wrapped in either leather or any type of fabric. These books are flexible and has a sewn spine. This allows the book to lie flat on a surface.

Also known as a hardbound book, it is printed on a special acid-free paper. It is considered to be more durable than their paperback counterparts. Sometimes, these books come with a jacket that helps protect it even more.

The value of a hard cover book

When an author releases a new book, publishers usually release it in hard cover first. According to studies, this is a marketing effort. Fans of the author will most likely not wait for the paperback and will buy the hard cover book immediately. Since these are more expensive than the paperback versions, the publisher and the author gets to earn more from it. Of course, that is not the only reason why avid readers buy hardbound books.

There are certain reasons why readers want to buy a hardbound book

  • When they cannot wait for the paperback. We are talking about the fans of the author, of course.
  • When it is not available in paperback. There are certain books that publishers never intend to release in paperback. In this case, readers do not have a choice but to buy the hard cover.
  • When it is a book they plan to keep. After all, it can last longer because of the protection from the hard cover.
  • When it is a book by their favorite author. If it is your favorite author, wouldn’t you want to have the best version of their work?
  • When it is meant as a gift. It makes the recipient feel more valued.
  • When it will be used regularly. This is for cookbooks or reference books. A hard cover book is more durable and will not be destroyed easily even if you keep on opening it.

A hardbound book may be more expensive but given the reasons above, you can understand why some readers would prefer to have it.

Hard cover book VS a paperback?

There are two main types of books. One is the hard cover book while the other is a paperback. So what is the difference between the two?

As mentioned, a hardbound book has a thicker protective cover and the inner pages are special acid-free paper with a pH value of 7. This makes the paper very durable. This type of cover is usually used for commercial works, best sellers, and reference materials. As you can see, if the book is expected to last long, it has to have a hard cover.

The paperback, on the other hand, does not get as much importance and is used if the book is not expected to last for a long time. Sometimes, readers who only want to read a book once and then give it away will buy it in paperback.