Casino Royale is one of the books that you would want to buy is a hard cover book. After all, this is Ian Fleming that we are talking about! If there is a book that you would want to last long, it should be one of his books. And what better book to buy than the very first book that introduced the dashing Special Agent 007 to the whole world. Please visit for more information about online casinos and payout times. 

Since the character of James Bond is very fond of Bentleys, Vintage Classics partnered with Bentley Motors to create a limited edition hardbound book of Casino Royale.

The Casino Royale hard cover book

The collaboration of Vintage Classics and Bentley Motors is one that will go down in history for fans of Ian Fleming’s work. This is expected to be so rare that they only produced 500 editions – with each book costing £750. If you have a chance to grab one, we suggest that you buy it!

So what makes this book so special? Apart from being the work of Ian Fleming and the first book about Agent 007, Casino Royale is a must-have for readers because of the following.

  • The book was designed by Kris Potter and Stephen Parker. They knew that the Bentley should be a prominent design to make this book highly valuable.
  • They used Bentley cars as an inspiration to create a sense of nostalgia of Bond and reflect his coolness.
  • The hard cover book uses a beluga leather casing and has hand-stitched embroidery and silver foil page edges. The leather comes from the same tannery in Italy that provides the leather for Bentley interiors.
  • A gambling theme is also incorporated with the use of red, white and black.
  • There is a leather bound case of Bentley-inspired playing cards that is hidden in a secret compartment.
  • The book is placed in a leather clamshell case that is as elegant as the special agent himself. This case has the signature winged Bentley logo that is carefully hand stitched.
  • Inspired by the Bentley steel tread plate, the book also has a metal spine that showcases the trademark knurling of Bentley.
  • Every book from this special edition has a limitation marque with the signature of Ian Fleming – it is reflected like the plate of a Bentley engine.
  • The inside of the book is decorated with the brush illustrations of Damian Gascoigne, an award-winning illustrator.

Obviously, the creators of this special edition of Casino Royale book did not put any limit to the inspiration and ideas that were implemented and applied in the book.